About Polaris Financial

Polaris Financial is an independent discretionary wealth management and financial planning firm providing registration and regulatory oversight for all advisors and divisions under the Polaris Financial umbrella.

Advisors operate under the Polaris Wealth Division, or as presidents of separate divisions. In either case, our advisors are subject to the direct supervision and compliance requirements of Polaris Financial Inc.

All advisors under Polaris Financial share the same investment philosophy. We follow an evidence-based approach to investing which has evolved out of decades of academic research from leading academic minds around the world. At the core of this philosophy is a broad-market, geographically diversified investment methodology.

Advisors predominantly use investment products from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and/or broad market exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Client portfolios are managed on a discretionary, low-cost, fee-based platform. We are looking for advisors who share, or are interested in implementing this type of investment philosophy.


Polaris Financial is registered as a Portfolio Manager whose principal regulator is the Ontario Securities Commission. We are currently registered in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Columbia. Additional provincial registration can be obtained as required.

Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP)

Polaris Financial provides a comprehensive Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP). We take care of the back office so our advisors can focus on client interactions, and growth.

TAMP Services Offered

  • You can run your business under the Polaris Wealth division, or as president of a separate division
  • Our payout structure is tiered and ranges from 70-90%
  • You maintain ownership and control over your book of business
  • We provide you with a tax efficient ownership structure allowing you to benefit from the Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) capital gains exemption upon sale of your book
  • We provide registration in any province in which you do business

Business Support

  • We provide access to custodial services from the custodian of your choosing: National Bank Correspondent Network (NBCN), or Laurentian Bank Investor Services (LBIS)
  • Clients receive Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) coverage from the custodian
  • We provide access to third party financial planning software (Plan Plus)
  • We provide access to a web-based portfolio management system (NDEX)
  • We oversee compliance management for all your business activities, including all
    processes and document management
  • We perform all account billings and payroll on a monthly basis
  • We manage all aspects of any referral arrangement according to your needs
  • If desired, we can provide branding and marketing services including business cards, stationery and website

Office Space

  • You can operate anywhere in Canada
  • You can work from your home, choose a virtual office, or setup your own permanent office location
  • Our recommended virtual office providers will give you a very cost effective solution, including:
    • hourly meeting rooms in an A-class office space in major metropolitan locations
    • toll-free phone number with live receptionist
    • mail and fax services
  • You are responsible for these office costs

Learn more about our TAMP model, contact:

Jim Steel



1545 Carling Avenue

Suite 408

Ottawa Ontario K1Z 8P9



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