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FAQs: Taxable (non-registered) Accounts 

Can I open a taxable (non-registered) account with Polaris?

Yes, Polaris supports taxable (non-registered) accounts.

Can I have more than one taxable (non-registered) account open at a time with Polaris?

Yes, you can have multiple taxable (non-registered) accounts open at once.

Can I transfer an existing taxable account (non-registered) I have at another financial institution?

Yes, you can transfer an existing taxable (non-registered) account. We prefer that all existing investments in the account be sold prior to the transfer but we will accommodate situations where this is not practical. 

Does it cost anything to transfer a taxable (non-registered) account from another financial institution?

Most financial institutions charge a transfer fee when a client moves their account to another institution. In most cases, this fee is approximately $125. However, our custodian (BBS Securities Inc.) will refund transfer fees for Polaris clients up to a maximum of $125 providing their account size is at least $25,000. 

Are there tax implications associated with transferring a taxable (non-registered) account?

The sale of existing investments may result in capital gains which is will be taxed. If you transfer securities in-kind there are no capital gains triggered.

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