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We create portfolios using low cost F-class funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) from Vanguard, iShares and BMO. As new quality products emerge we may add them to portfolios. Our preference is to use DFA factor-tilted funds in client accounts. However, if you prefer non-factor-titled portfolios, Vanguard, iShares and BMO are excellent choices. The final decision will be made in consultation with your portfolio manager.

Portfolios <$100k

Since we absorb all trading and custodial costs for our clients at Virtual Brokers, we use "one-fund" solutions for accounts under $100k. This helps keep our costs low and service those with smaller account balances. As your account balance grows past $100k, we may add additional funds to help increase your tax efficiency. 

Portfolios >$100k

As your account grows we will use a combination of DFA, Vanguard, iShares, BMO and other similar funds to build your portfolio. The decision will be made in consultation with your portfolio manager and depend on your unique circumstances. 

In the pages below you can explore the different fund solutions that may be applicable to you from DFA, Vanguard and iShares.  

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)

Vanguard Canada

iShares Canada


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Schedule a meeting and begin your full service on-boarding with a portfolio manager. Minimum asset levels apply.

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